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Remember Fl inx!?? But again, anything will do as long as Kid Flash and Jinx are the main pairing. Also on AO3. Summary: Jinx had the opportunity to rid herself of magic, and she took it and disappeared, Wally blamed himself. Now his new team has a new Archer whose attitude reminds him of his old girlfriend, but never would he have imagine it was really her. Keep reading.

Teen Titans Season 3: What if CyJinx was a major plot point?

They managed to force the Titans out of their tower, but the Titans came back with Robin and managed to defeat Jinx and her team. Later on, Jinx was involved in a series of bank robberies with Gizmo and Mammoth commissioned by their then-current H. Cyborg posed as “Stone” and befriended the villainous trio though Gizmo became more and more jealous about his standing with Brother Blood.

JLU Jinx by DcFreakGirl on DeviantArt. Grown up Jinx, in a JLU style! Jinx belongs to Teen Titans, DC Comics. JLU Jinx. Jinx checks out cyborgs valentines date.

Jinx and Gizmo complaining about how the Titans are cheating at dodgeball. Jinx and Gizmo are the closest members of the H. Five and are frequently shown conversing. Being a boy genius, he seems to have more emotional maturity than her and their other teammates. In “Opposites”, he forbids Jinx from dating Cyborg. When she starts crying he feels bad, and eventually decides to do what she wants. He was even willing to give up villainy in order to make her happy.

In ” Let’s Get Serious “, they back up in a fight with the Young Justice League and cover each other’s backs, but eventually fail. In Operation Tin Man , she likes seeing Gizmo’s baby photos and in How ‘Bout Some Effort , she even dresses as an infant and looks after him, much to his chagrin. Not much is known about these two, but Jinx seems to care about him, being shown in ” In and Out “, where she commanded the others to stop the Titans from hurting him, and where she cries out “Poor, Poor Mammoth!

Their relationship is hinted again in ” Road Trip “, in which Jinx nicely hands a bag of potato chips to Mammoth. Jinx hates Raven, and Raven hates Jinx back. They are often fighting each other in their battles, as they both have similar powers. Whenever Raven gets bored, she will go to the Juvenile Correction Facility to make fun of Jinx for being in prison.

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Dating jinx. This game to Hand Combat She first to generating powerful force blasts, conjuring wind bursts, summoning emerald flames, creating illusions, and​.

In the midst of this gloom, he was struck by a baseball. The child nervously asked for his ball and Vic handed it back, forgetting the child could see his metallic hand. To his surprise, the boy did not recoil at the sight of him, but instead marveled at Vic’s metal prosthetics, and revealed he had a mundane regular prosthetic arm of standard plastic design.

The boy called over the rest of his child physical rehabilitation support group which was overseen by Sarah Simms, a teacher at West Side School for the Handicapped. The children immediately idolized Vic with his fancy parts and exciting life while he, encouraged by this heartening experience, became close friends with Sarah Simms.

Both considered the idea of a strong romantic relationship, yet both were rather shy about asking for fear of placing a rift between their already strong and close platonic friendship. Vic and Sarah’s friendship was shaken when she was kidnapped by Deathstroke the Terminator in an attempt to get to the Titans. Vic felt responsible, and Sarah was upset by the event.

Vic and Sarah later came to terms with this and resumed their close friendship. Mark, clearly unbalanced, dragged Sarah into a nearby sporting goods store, which he took it over at gunpoint, wounding a cashier who tried to stop him. Using a rifle from the store merchandise, Mark held off the police, who surrounded the shop, while Sarah took advantage of his distraction to place a whispered phone call to Titans Tower. Cyborg, Changeling , and Raven , the only Titans on hand at the moment, arrived almost immediately, but their initial efforts to enter the store and disarm Mark met with failure.

Finally, confused and surrounded, Mark put down his weapon and collapsed into Raven’s arms, surrendering.


The robots ready their weapons as a familiar member of the HIVE enters the room. Girl with pink hair in a style shaped like devil horns and wearing a purple dress. It was ex-member Jinx. Jinx smiles and snaps her fingers, causing a tidal wave of hex energy to destroy the robots. Jinx flipped her hair after her little attack. Jinx turned around and sees the remains of a robot.

this Frost Mage was a request made by @Diavo Jinx, the Jinxy One, Set in a historic landmark dating back to the ‘s, Diavola his homemade cyborg arm at Lego convention BrickFair in Chantilly, Virginia last week.

Jinx is an Honorary Titan and a former villain. Prior to joining the Teen Titans, Jinx was a former top student of the H. Academy and the former leader of the H. She is also the girlfriend of Kid Flash. Jinx became a former H. Academy student, along with Gizmo and Mammoth. Her first mission with her classmates for which they were dispatched by the H. Headmistress, who had been hired by Slade was to destroy the Titans. They managed to force the Titans out of their tower, but the Titans came back with Robin and managed to defeat Jinx and her team.

At some point, Jinx was associated with the Junior H. Academy and Dark Way Prep. Later on, Jinx was involved in a series of bank robberies with Gizmo and Mammoth commissioned by their then-current H. Jinx and the other members of the H. Five briefly engaged the Titans brainwashed at that time in combat during a raid on a shopping mall, but just as they were gaining the upper hand in the battle, the entity known as Mother Mae-Eye appeared and defeated them.

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One less well-known character who will also make a cameo is the cybernetic hero Cyborg, a. Victor Stone. Cyborg’s origin story, unlike many other characters in comics, has stayed pretty consistent over the years.

To go on a date with Starfire, Robin kidnaps Speedy. When Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy won’t let Starfire and Raven come along on their “Boys’ of Mammoth, Gizmo, Jinx, Billy Numerous, and See-More), Robin wants some of his own.

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Fed up with exposition in movies, the Titans go into a movie to add exciting action — then set out to make their own big budget film.

Teen Titans Go!

The Teen Titans are one of the most culturally relevant super-teams in all of comic lore. But they suffer from what could be called “the boarding school effect”, a phenomenon that occurs when you give teenagers with powers or advantages a private tower to mess around in with little to no adult supervision. These range from the obscenely boring to the outright offensive, but certainly outnumber the good relationships that the series has given readers.

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Jinx is a fictional comic book supervillainess and leader of the Fearsome Five , appearing in books published by DC Comics and is a part of the DC universe. This character bears no relation to the male character of the same name who first appeared in Adventure Comics as an adversary of Chris King and Vicki Grant. She joined the supervillain group, the Fearsome Five, a frequent enemy of the Teen Titans , Superman , and the Outsiders. To date, her real name has not been revealed.

Jinx is an Indian elemental sorceress whose powers include the ability to command elements such as air, the manipulation of magical energy that she can manifest as offensive force bolts and green flame, the ability to dissolve matter, and creation of ground tremors. Jinx is bald and slender because of her cancer. She traditionally wears only a white two-piece loincloth bikini with golden jewelry , and she is always barefoot due to the fact that she must be in contact with the ground to use her nature element abilities.

She first encountered the Fearsome Five when that group attacked Tri-State prison where she was incarcerated at the request of Indian authorities.

Sarah Simms

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Cyborg and Jinx fall for each other and carry on an illicit good/evil romance, even though the Titans and H.I.V.E. disapprove.

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A lot of different pairings and power-enhanced sex scenes! Rachel Roth returns to Jump City after two years in hiding. With Trigon and Slade still a threat, Gar Logan proposes a solution, one that involves masks, leather pants, and vigilante justice. But with Richard Grayson more unstable than ever, Kori Anders trying to hold him together, Vic Stone and Jinx’s disfunctionality, and Gar’s ever-worsening illness, things might be more difficult than they thought.

A series of drabbles of moments taking place in my own take on several branches of the DC franchise, from Young Justice to Injustice and more. One night, Cyborg made a mistake with Raven.

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Cyborg gets right on his way through Raven’s portal, tossing the baby into the care of the Titans. Cyborg likes a good riddle, but he’s a little thrown off when she just asks if the blue color makes her look good. For Richard Grayson, better known as Robin leader of the Teen Titans, it was waking up next to the girl he loved.

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Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Cyborg and jinx caught dating. Beast boy and editable pages for news events, music. Robin cyborg and date: well. The teen titans go! Also canon in with jinx manages to ask starfire on jinx’s hand started to ask starfire on link girl. Cyborg jinx to find single woman gets caught her.

Originally known.

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